Dear parents,
I am delighted to welcome you to our school website. The website exhibits the vast experiences we offer to the students to express their potentialities to the vast audience. JJCS has created its own infrastructure for the qualitative education and all round development of children. Every aspect of the individual is given attention with the goal to: Transmit Knowledge and Create New Knowledge, Impart Values and Prepare people for the Future’.

Education is not about knowing things and taking lessons but is about learning to use the three realities: Head, Heart and Hand. Hand stands for one’s skill, Head for Intellect and Heart for ethical and moral values .According to Pope Francis, the ultimate aim of education is: “unity with in a person”. Education builds confidence to be innovative and creative. Post-Covid demands to get into digital platform .The key to digital transformation is strategic thinking. With physical distancing, interaction with students, parents and teachers cannot be reduced. The institution has implemented appropriate software tools to get connected to the students and thus make them productive. We are dedicated to help students stay on track with their virtual classes and exams. I am very proud of our teachers who successfully follow the distance and digital method of learning. Our parents have also contributed much to the success of this system.

With the blessings of Almighty God and with our motto ‘lighted for life’ we accompany the students in their journey towards growth, self-realization and to be committed to the nation and humanity. The school administration of JJCS will continue to communicate with our school community about our on-going efforts.

Thanking you all
With best wishes

Sr. Praisy D Thomas (Principal)



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