According to the gospel values and the challenges of our time we device new ways and means and commit ourselves to promote life through education. In a holistic approach to persons, we encourage them to recognize and use their gifts and talents. In collaboration with others we awaken hope and contribute to the transformation of the society.

Aim of the School

Jeevan Jyoti aims at the total formation of young children by giving them education which is morally, mentally and spiritually sound. As our founders did, we regard education of the youth as the most needed service. The Policy of Education in our School encompasses the dignity and the rights of every person. This enables persons to live in fellowship and mutual helpfullness. Education also includes the development of knowledge and skill, enabling a person to be a loyal citizen, peaceful and just in this world. In this way, God’s Plan for His world may be realized and mankind attain the fullness of life.

The main objectives of our school are summed up as follows:

    • To foster critical and independent thinking.
    • To be the agents of social change.
    • To promote human values.
    • The main thrust is towards the materially poor.