‘Right education with diligence can help a child find motivation from within and excel in various domain of his life.’

Dear Parents and students,
IJeevan Jyoti Convent School trains the students to have sound focus on goals, dedicated determination, strong commitment and willingness for hard working to succeed. We impart education to match the advancement in technology and globalization. We march our students ahead with ethos of moral values and principles and foster critical and independent thinking.

Our constant effort has been to develop in our students, a sense of discipline, belongingness, responsibility, oneness, positive self-esteem and concentration through our daily interaction. We dream of sowing the seeds of joyful learning, nurturing life skills which would gradually lead our students to become fine human beings with qualities of integrity, honesty, trust and compassion.

Success is like a train. It has several coaches, like discipline, hard work, concentration and skills. But leading them all is the engine called self confidence. .

Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mt.Everest or to the top of our career. We work together to mould our students and hold their hands to reach the peak to be sensitive and responsible citizens in the future.

Thanking you once again

Sr. Sherine (MANAGER)